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TARK Shelving System For Modern Interiors

The innovative Shelving System are used in various applications such as

- Kitchen Dado

- Crockery Units

- Book Racks

- Living Rooms

- Bar Counters, etc

Flag is a modular and customizable boiserie

system made entirely of aluminum.

Minimal and elegant, it is able to raise

the quality and the image of kitchens,

living rooms and bathrooms.

What makes it unique is the ability to adapt

itself to different needs by changing the

position of the shelves and of the accessories

following the users’ demands.

The product can be supplied in any

customized size or in standard modules.

The customer can also complete it using

shelves that reflect the essence of the

furniture in which it is integrated. The available

accessories are shelves, hooks, roll holders

and glass holders.


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