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Shabby Chic Interior Design - The Old is Gold

If you are also in love with that vintage interior look of the ship Titanic you saw in the movie then Shabby Chic Interior is the design for you. Imagine waking up on cozy comfortable beds, windows covered with pretty pastel color curtains, an alluring vintage décor on the bedside table, and rustic furniture all around your room. How elegant would it look and how soothing would be in a room with this interior. Looks like the 1980s were never gone, it's a perfect combination of that old vintage look and new aesthetic picture-perfect look.

shabby chic interior design

The design gives an artistic look to the surrounding, so elegant and appealing at the same time. The interior came into existence originally in the 18th century but was coined as Shabby Chic in the 1980s and became a trend. A trend we are still following how can be something such timeless? If elegant beauty can be defined as interior designs it would be shabby chic.

How to get that picture-perfect shabby chic look?

The best part about the design is, that it's easy to get the look. The very first thing this fascinating look need is that subtle color, go for the pastel shades of any color you like but when it comes to Shabby Chick - what’s better than White? Just in case that looks desolate to you, go for floral prints. Little floral green and pink prints over those white walls how pretty would it be to the eyes and how relaxing would it be to the soul? These hues can anytime work as a stress buster.

  • Do not forget the element

Flowers themselves are the main ingredient when it comes to the look, you can always go for floral prints or the fresh ones, they work as a cherry on top of the look.

  • Play with the furniture

Pick some old rustic look furniture, those leather laces couches on the corner, and chunky rugs that would add up a vintage essence to the look. You can get new ones that are made to look alike or you can modify the old ones with the right paint.

  • Picture perfect staircase

Rusty dark brown staircase with the framed portraits sideways makes the look picture perfect, always go for a mixed collection of artists for the portrait selection. The look itself is known for the furniture and the accessories all around, choosing a perfect one can really complete the look in all aspects.

  • Lightings are everything

A chandelier with dim lighting is everything that needs to be added and that perfect old vintage, rusty and elegant look is ready

In a nutshell, a shabby chic décor is a great option if you want to make your interiors a fantastic victory of both comfort and ageless beauty because of its serene color scheme, lovely vintage charm, and harmonious lines. Trends change but beauty never goes out of style. Shabby Chic is now the latest choice for modern interior design. Monotonous yet exciting what the look is with all those accessories, floral prints, rusty furniture, and subtle colors.

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