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Being in the service of interior execution in Bangalore & administration from the past 20 years, Finesse Inc. has established itself as the most admired company in Bangalore. We provide the best quality services to all the customers to fulfill their satisfaction. Since we have started our organization, we have always been maintaining an excellent record of our services. The organization is composed of highly experienced staff members who always work hard to finish their tasks flawlessly every time.

We always guide our customers with the most advanced & trending designs which help them in choosing the best suitable design for their interiors. We are the most recognized interior designers in Bangalore because of our best designs and the best price. 

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It is quite easy to design and decorate small places in the whole house but when it comes to interiors design the complete home, it becomes a difficult but interesting task. It may create some difficulty while the work is in progress but after getting the complete work done it attracts everyone towards itself by giving a luxurious look to the whole home. We are considered to be the best Interiors in Bengaluru which always ends up with the best results and Turnkey interiors projects. 

Worked for multiple clients, our experienced team always gets appreciated for their work which is always done with perfection. 

We consist of the best team members of Interiors designers in Bengaluru who know how to work in the field of Interiors design, modern home interior style, and home decoration. 

While working for the interiors design of the home, there are many challenges which a designer has to face like he needs to concentrate on each and every part of the house maintaining the uniformity and magnificence of the space. We design the house by keeping the likeness of our clients. We deal with every kind of theme which our client may like for e.g. ancient, modern, Italian, Indian or Japanese theme. Our team represents the villa of the client in the same manner as the client wants. 

Our design consultants have the ability to look after all the important factors which must be included while designing the home. They always make sure to offer the clients with Interiors designers.

We also have expertise in working for palaces and large areas and make them look extremely beautiful. 

In the end, our main motto remains the same, i.e. to provide the clients with their dream home. We always work in a manner so as to satisfy our clients every time.

Therefore, if you are searching for the Interiors designer and interior execution in Bengaluru, then we come up to be the best Interior designer and will provide you the best designs that will definitely match your Luxury dream home.

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The Procress

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Understand the needs of the client and collect all available data, opinions and research


Throw the creative net wide to gather the full range of factors and influences which may contribute to the project

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Refine all the ideas to date and extract the essence for the most appropriate solution

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Clearly communicate the vision for the project through visuals

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Include the client team in an open-minded and stimulating brainstorming process which challenges preconceptions


Implement and deliver the project on time and to budget

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Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple colour palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel.

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- SNN Builders

- Hewlett-Packard
- LG CMS Global
- Mitsubishi Carbide
- Logica CMC
- UKN Properties Pvt. Ltd.
- Schwarzkopf

- Mann & Hummel

- Sai Rachna constructions

- Concord Napavalley- Villas

- Prestige- Augusta Villa

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Interior Designers in Bengaluru

Imagining the dreams of any other person and then even picturing those dreams into reality is not an easy task. Interiors design is one of the similar tasks. Firstly understanding the mindset of the client and then planning the work accordingly and providing the best results to the clients is not everyone’s cup of tea. Usually, people do not trust the designing firm and remain in doubt about the perfection of the Interior Design for their home. 

But worrying about the perfection of design needs to stop here and now people must get ready to see their dream designed house in front of their eyes. 


We (Modern Interior) are a one-stop solution for providing the perfect Interior designer. Our professionally trained team knows very well how to work in a perfect manner. Our most special feature is that we always give priority to the satisfaction of the clients for which we never compromise with the hard work. We always work with full determination and hence work according to the clients’ wishes. 

Our experienced team perfectly changes your normal home into a luxurious looking dream home. 


With Modern Interiors designer, you will always get the best results which are a collaboration of style as well as functionality. The best interiors design of your home not only gives it an elegant look but also contributes towards creating a healthy environment in the home. After getting done with the best Interior design in your home, you will automatically feel the warm and familiar feeling. 

Our expert team just needs to know about the exact need of the customer and then they initiate the work accordingly. Customer needs to provide our team with the blueprint of their apartment and the imagination of their dream house. After knowing all these necessities, it becomes easy for our team to plan the structure accordingly and perfectly. 


Customers just need to trust us and believe us that we are the best luxury interior designers in Bangalore. We will transform your dreams into reality in no time. 


While working for the interior designer, everything is kept in mind -your furniture, home décor, upholsterers, wall décor, etc. to make your apartment look luxurious. We look after the work at each and every step and even after the work we give service visits too if required. Contact Us for Best Commercial Residential interiors Bangalore.